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"When I knocked on the Devil's door? Hey sir, he was gone."


Clive Barker's Mister B. Gone is a new folk-rock musical with music/lyrics by Terra Warman and book by Rachel Chung.

Mister B. Gone follows the life of Jakabok Botch, a two-tailed demon who escapes his abusive father and his life in Hell only to find that life on Earth is just as complex and terrible as home his home was.


"Man has always found ways to mutilate himself without our help..."

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Jakabok soon finds himself in the middle of The Eternal Battle between Good and Evil as he travels the globe with his newfound friend and demonic mentor, Quitoon.

But as Jakabok's feelings towards Quitoon grow, he becomes more deeply entrenched in the horrifying intricacies of his mysterious companion. In the end, Jakabok is faced with an impossible choice: lose Quitoon forever, or make the ultimate sacrifice -- his freedom.


"I hate this world and all that live in it so it doesn't really matter if you come back for me..."

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Clive Barker's Mister B. Gone had its world premier in a sold-out run at The Producer's Club in NYC in August of 2017 and a second run at The Tank in October 2017. The show's original musicians, local theatrical synth-rock band Terra and the Dactyls, have been performing selections from the show at various live shows throughout the city since then, including a full presentation of all of the show's original music at The Bitter End in March of 2018.

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Hear the Music


Terra and the Dactyls / Live at The Bitter End, NY / 03.14.18
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