"Exploding out of the gate, Terra and the Dactyls wasted no time in taking me for a ride through the album."

— Bill Todde, Divide and Conquer

Terra and the Dactyls is a theatrical synth/rock band. Not shocking since their front woman is a glitter stained, blood spitting creature from the land of musical theater and rock operas. The music is heavy with story, emotion, and energy; vocals and keys feature at the forefront of most tunes and are bolstered by melodic guitar and lively bass riffs. When deviating from Tommy-style concept rock the band will be serving you flavors of funk, punk, gospel, and disco. Active in New York since 2016 with an EP and two musicals under their belt, Terra and the Dactyls is a show worth experiencing.

Lead Vocals / Terra Warman
Keys / Kenny Malloy

Bass / Nehemiah Williams
Drums / Brandon Jacobs

Former Members:

Guitar / Curran Banach

Bass / Jess Elizabeth
Guitar / Jacob Henry

Backing Vocals / Emily Carlstrom

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